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Allegro is a compact, point-of-care (POC) analyzer that features a clinically important menu of 12 measured and individually selectable tests, plus 6 calculated tests. All tests are measured with disposable, […]

Automatic dry biochemical analyzer SD1

Equipped with the latest technology, we have invented a state-of-the-art automatic biochemical analyzer SD1. This portable analyzer can provide faster, easier, more accurate medical diagnosis with less maintenance and micro […]

Stat EMS

Stat EMS measures glucose, ketone, lactate, hematocrit, and hemoglobin from a capillary blood drop. Results are available in seconds, depending on the test. By combining single-use biosensor technology with portable […]

Stat Profile Prime Electrolyte

Introducing a new generation electrolyte analyzer that combines the revolutionary microelectronics of the consumer world with new microsensor technology for a simpler, smaller, faster, and less expensive analyzer.