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Allegro is a compact, point-of-care (POC) analyzer that features a clinically important menu of 12 measured and individually selectable tests, plus 6 calculated tests. All tests are measured with disposable, […]

Automatic dry biochemical analyzer SD1

Equipped with the latest technology, we have invented a state-of-the-art automatic biochemical analyzer SD1. This portable analyzer can provide faster, easier, more accurate medical diagnosis with less maintenance and micro […]

Centrifuge BASIC mod. NEYA 8, 4×175 ml, 6000 rpm

Bench-top centrifuge Ventilated, with automatic recognition of the rotor, control of the presence of the equipment and verification of the maximum speed allowed. Safety speed limiter function. Microprocessor control and […]

Diatron Abacus 5

The Abacus 5 system is a compact, bench top, 60 test/hour, 5-part WBC differential analyzer with two sampling modes: a cap piercing mode for closed tube sampling and another for open tubes.

Diatron Aquila

The Diatron Aquila is an innovative and revolutionary 3-part differential hematology analyzer that can be used in any testing location and application where high quality CBC results are desired. Our latest technology offers the optimal testing solution for both […]


Whole blood, blood components, drugs and biological material transport monitoring system.

Eugenio – Automatic tube barcode reader

Eugenio is a robot that ensures positive sample recognition through the automated reading of tube barcodes. This allows complete tracking of all informations related to each sample. With its most […]